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  • Soaring up the Stock Market

    Stock revenue spikes with the release of TurboCode 7.
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  • Turbo Code Workshop

    Come to a workshop for TurboCode 7 and learn the new functions and improvements that have been made. Free for registered users of Turbocode, $5 for general admission.
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  • Charity Drive a Success

    Fake Corp's charity barbecue raised over $10,000 for the Mustard House Foundation.
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Dreamweaver Synchronization

Dreamweaver synchronization is a built-in feature that allows all members of a team working on the same site to ensure that they have the most up-to-date files. Synchronization will check which files on the remote and local sites have a newer version, then upload or download the newest version to the remote and local folders. This process makes sure that when you start work on a specific page, that you are starting from the most recent version, rather than changing an older copy that might be missing vital information.

Dreamweaver Cloaking

Dreamweaver cloaking is another built-in feature that allows you to hide certain files from dreamweaver, and ensuring that they don't get uploaded or downloaded when running the synchronization feature. This is most important when you have working files for the site that you don't want to go live to the web. An example of this would be the psd files for images. Ongoing work could be present on certain image files, and a psd is the best way to do this because it supports layers that you can move around idependently; but these files are never going to be viewed by people surfing on the web. Not only are these files unrecognizable by most browsers, they have large file sizes to keep all the information uncompresssed and uploading them takes up valuable server space.

Something About Dreamweaver

Something neat I learned about Dreamweaver while reading an article on is that Dreamweaver has a built-in browser compatibility feature. This feature will evaluate the html code and determine which browsers and their versions will not support certain elements. This allows the webmaster to see old versions of browsers (which they may not have anymore - especially older IE versions which get overwritten with each update) don't support certain functions. This way, if the webmaster knows that a certain amount of visitors are using outdated browsers, they can still ensure that those visitors will be able to view the page properly.